Jeffrey Freeman
Chief Technology Officer, President, & Chairman

Jeffrey “Jeff” Freeman is a brilliant hardware and software developer and entrepreneur who started his first successful venture, Swapoo, at only age fifteen, at the dawn of the dotcom heyday. By the time he was seventeen he had been featured several times in magazine and television articles and interviews, such as the front page of USA Today, MSNBC TV News, Cnet radio news, fortune magazine, and hundreds of others. After selling the company and moving on to a vibrant career as an engineer and consultant for a variety of clients, including FEMA, the Department of Defense and several start-ups, Mr. Freeman became fascinated with the commercial possibilities of AI and evolutionary computing, assessing that despite the buzz around these concepts, that outside of some relatively inefficient and proprietary applications, these powerful algorithms were not realizing their full potential usefulness. He created a comprehensive and growing library of neural network, genetic, wavelet and other AI algorithms, and founded Syncleus, Inc., to bring these potent techniques to bear on important applications like business analytics, fleet management, voice recognition and natural-language processing, market analysis, security threat assessment, actuary, resource allocation and optimization and the near-infinite other areas that Syncleus can significantly benefit. Today the Syncleus APIs, much of which Syncleus has released under open-source licensing, represent the culmination of years of intense research and development into the optimal application of these techniques.

Besides captaining Syncleus to spearhead the AI revolution, Mr. Freeman is an amateur radio operator with hobbies in chemistry, machining, geology, ecology, electronics, nature hiking, kayaking and canoeing. He’s an animal lover who resides with a sweet, energetic dog, and is as sociable as he is intellectual. Mr. Freeman’s vision and leadership combined with his humanistic and empowering business philosophy and well-rounded lifestyle promise remarkable results for Syncleus and it’s customers.

Astra Thomas
Chief Marketing Officer

Ms. Astra Thomas is an entrepreneurial visionary and marketing expert. Throughout her career, she has orchestrated successful financial marketing campaigns for a wide variety of Smallcap and Microcap companies. Working behind the scenes, Ms. Thomas has pushed the limitations of technology with marketing ideas that combine human psychology with consumer behavioral studies. As CEO of Syncleus, Inc., Ms. Astra Thomas adds her unique perspective and marketing prowess to achieve new heights for the Company.

Prior to joining Syncleus, Inc., Ms. Thomas was Director of Marketing for QualityStocks, an Investor Relations and Promotional firm. There she completely revamped the firm’s commitment to providing multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Before QualityStocks, Ms. Thomas served as Vice President and Marketing Director for Trilogy Capital Partners, a financial services company engaged in merchant banking, strategic planning, financial marketing, and communications. There she worked as the central project manager and nucleus on all marketing activity for their expansive list of portfolio clients. Ms. Thomas most recently served as President of Analyze Consulting, Inc., an independent marketing advisory and consulting firm.

On her off-time, you can catch Ms. Thomas teaching her 2 year old son the finer points of finger-painting. She also has a passion for costume design and attends the San Diego Comic Convention every year to showcase her artistic creations.

Adam Brozzetti
Member of the Board of Directors

Adam is Vice President of Business & Application Development for Daikin America, Inc. North America’s second largest manufacturer and supplier of high value fluorine chemistry derivatives and resins. In this role Adam leads a team of marketing, sales & technical professionals responsible for maintaining a portfolio of new business opportunities that helps Daikin meet its strategic growth and margin improvement goals. A seasoned management professional, Adam has more than 25 years in senior management experience successfully leading sales, marketing and development teams for multinational specialty chemical companies with $100 to $500 million in revenue. He has traveled extensively in Asia for the past 20 years.

In his idle time, you’ll find Adam enjoying life with his two grand daughter’s and he waits for more to come along.

Dr. Pei Wang
Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Pei Wang, Associate Professor at Temple University and previously Director of Research of a start-up company developing Artificial Intelligence software. Pei received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from Indiana University, and his M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science, both from Peking University. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, especially in unified theories of intelligence, formal models of rationality, reasoning under uncertainty, learning and adaptation, knowledge representation, and real-time decision making. He is the Chief Executive Editor of the Journal of Artificial General Intelligence.