Due to our unique corporate structure our offices and personnel are distributed around the globe. For this reason different inquires need to be directed to the proper location. When we receive your e-mail we will forward it to the proper department and you will hear from us shortly. If you would like to speak to someone over the phone, please leave your contact information in an e-mail and a brief description of what you need help with and you will receive a call. All of our clients are assigned liaison from our team to deal with directly. The liaison will act as a personal contact that knows your history and needs intimately. If you are looking to reach someone in particular within the corporation please direct your request to our general inquiry e-mail.

General Communications:
General – general questions
OSCL Licenses – general inquires regarding the OSCL licenses

General Projects – questions regarding public projects
dANN – dANN software project
AIDE – AIDE software project
PanL – PanL software project
Sporkie – sporkie software project

General Sales – general sales questions
Software Development – outsourcing software development, including webpages.
Hardware Development – outsourcing computer hardware projects
Electronic Design – outsourcing electronic projects
Consulting – hiring consulting
Support Contracts – Professional support contracts for any of our products.

General Employment – general employment questions
Quick Start Program – Quick Start Program enrollment
Contracting – contracting positions
Employment – full-time positions